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Burglar Alarm Installaton

Nationwide's security alarm and home protection system will not only protect your home from burglary, it can also incorporate smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection with the option of these systems being monitored 24/7 by our control room.

Should an activation occur you have peace of mind that our trained operators will give a fast response alerting the emergency services.

Burglars can strike at any time

Beat the Burglars


In an interview with the Independent newspaper, former Burglar Michael Fraser (who featured on the BBC's 'Beat the Burglar' and 'To catch a thief' was interviewed regarding home security and ways in which a home owner can make their home more secure and uninviting to burglars.

"An opportunist will always walk along a street looking for telltale signs that you're careless."

Certified intruder alarm systems specialistsFraiser claims he's been able to deactivate many alarm systems in the past - "People tend not to have their alarms serviced. When they are serviced, the box on the outside of your house is cleaned, and a burglar will notice if it is dirty." - old, unserviced alarms are more likely to have vulnerabilities as well - something Fraiser discusses.

At Nationwide Fire & Security we are a certified member of the SSAIB's Approved Contractor Scheme - with the experience and knowledge to ensure that your home security system is installed correctly and complies with police and insurance guidelines.

Upgrading your existing alarm to a newer, more secure system and possibly arranging for alarm monitoring on your home may not only reduce the risk of being broken into - it can also help reduce your home insurance premiums as well.

Ways to secure your home & prevent break ins
  • Install more than one lock to both back and front doors
  • Make sure windows are closed when you go out and have adequate locks
  • If you go on holiday, ask the post man to shove your mail all the way through the letter box - or better still, ask someone with a key to come around and take mail into another room so that a potential burglar can not see the build up.
  • If you book a taxi to the airport, book the taxi for a different house so that would be burglars are not tipped off by the taxi driver.
  • Make sure you have your Intruder alarm system maintained on a regular basis and consider adding vibration sensors to doors and windows - meaning the alarm goes off before they are inside your house.

Our security installation surveyor will be quite happy to consult with you about your home's over all security whilst quoting on your new alarm system.


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