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Dry Riser maintenance & testing

Nationwide Fire & Security specialise in the maintenance and testing of dry risers and privately owned fire hydrants. Our team of experienced engineers are IFEDA trained in the testing and maintenance of dry risers, and currently maintain dry risers in a range of different buildings and structures across the whole of the UK.

Dry Riser

Dry/wet risers are intended for the use of the Fire Service to provide a readily available means of delivering considerable quantities of water to extinguish or to prevent the spread of fire. If your fire risk assessment concludes that you may need the intervention of the Fire Service to fight a fire, you must ensure that your riser systems or hydrants are working properly.

  • Dry Risers are installed in buildings for fire fighting purposes by trained personnel and which are normally dry and are capable of being charged with water by pumping from Fire Service Appliances
  • Dry Risers are installed complete with an inlet breeching connector at Ground Floor or at Fire Service Access Level and with Landing Valves at specified points on each floor
  • Dry Risers are installed up to 50m above the Fire Service Access Level Dry risers have to have adequate fire engine access within 18 m of the dry riser inlet box. Systems in occupied buildings have to be within a fire resistant shaft, usually one of a building’s fire escape staircase enclosures. Most commonly found in High Rise buildings.

As a dry riser maintainer, we ensure that all our work is compliant with British Standards
BS9990 : 2015 and meets all the required legal regulations. BS9990 recommend that a
dry riser has a visual test every 6 months and it is a legal requirement that dry risers are
wet tested to 12 bar annually.

We also issue a Certificate of Compliance for all Dry Riser systems when they pass the
annual dry riser testing. Any maintenance can be carried out where required, to ensure
that your dry riser installation meets all the requirements to pass the annual test required by the relevant legislation

What is the difference between dry riser and wet riser?

(Dry/wet risers are often called Rising Mains)

Dry riser: system of valves and pipework which enables the Fire Service to pump water on to upper floors of a building. These pipes are empty until pressurised with water from the fire engine.
Wet Riser: A system of pipework and valves which are kept permanently pressurised with water to be used at any time by trained staff

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